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​At Sunga Sunga, we care because Justice Matters.   Our cause is justice and the fair distribution of rights, opportunities and privileges.    


Your donation helps fund projects that advocate a more just environment  for communities unable to advocate for themselves. 


Join us because Sunga Sunga cares.

Many thanks to Johnny's Selected Seeds , The Burpee Co., Loew's & Staples for their charitable contributions. We appreciate your support.

Ways to Donate 

  • Monthly

  • By mail

  • Planned Gifts

  • Single one time gift  



Gift Guide

  • Water Well Pump - US$300

  • Electricity Generator - US$400

  • Kerosene Stove - US$150

  • Galvanized Roofing - US$300

  • Outhouse Lavatory - US$300

  • Mattress - US$75

  • Bed - US$50

  • 1 Month Family Food Supply - US$200 


"We value your devoted work in promoting and maintaining sound, sustainable agricultural methods and activities. Johnny’s is happy to partner with and support Sunga Sunga." - Johnny's Selected Seeds

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