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Sunga Sunga is a humanitarian,  benevolent society of friends which seeks justice for the persecuted and care for those in need.  We are a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Our mission is to advocate and provide assistance to the disadvantaged, the under-served and the voiceless by providing Immediate & Long-Term Relief.  Our vision is to alleviate injustice, and improve the human condition to the greatest extent possible. 


FEDERAL TAX ID #: 47-4834558


Ex. Director:  Vincent Agu, Ed.D.



Associate Director: J. Romney, ABD

              CEO, JS Consulting Services  


Administrative Assistant:  Kadeen Menzie, BS              



Our programs are focused in the communities of the Caribbean and Africa. We advocate for human rights  and challenge governing authorities to respect them. We travel to the remote countryside, hinterland, and villages to assist communities untouched by national or international aid. Sunga Sunga goes where others don’t go because Sunga Sunga cares.





"Why Howard Professor Filed Suit Against the Dominican Republic" (The



"Howard Professor Files Lawsuit in Support of Haitian Sugar Cane Workers in the DR" (Howard University Newsroom)









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